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trayvon martin

trayvon martin

Trayvon Martin's Story From DeeDee

2y ago


Be sure to check out my playlist on this case here Crump on DeeDee CNN NEWSROOM Transcript Aired March 20, 2012-11:00ET On the phone bill Re: Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend Speaks DeeDee Discussion on DeeDee Tracy Martin finds out about Trayvon Trayvon at 711 "A corporate spokeswoman for 7-Eleven said on Thursday they have a video secured at corporate headquarters showing Martin the night he was killed. An executive with 7-Eleven viewed the tape and can confirm: "he observed an African American male in a hoodie purchase Skittles and an iced tea between 6 and 6:30 that evening." Source: Zimmerman says Trayvon circled his SUV, frightened him Weather that day Chad Green says Trayvon wanted to go to the store and Trayvon asked Chad what he wanted so Chad asked him to get him some skittles. Full bond hearing no edits The state does have video from the clubhouse area