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TRANSFORMERS vs. SMURFS?? Transformers Prime Interview feat. Techno from MyMusic

4y ago


TRANSFORMERS PRIME Season 1 DVD/Blu-Ray: Q: What Transformers would you like to see added to Transformers Prime? SUBSCRIBE! | 2nd Channel: Friend Me! | T-Shirts & More at the Black Nerd Store: Transformers Prime producer and cast interview at Comic-Con 2012. Power Rangers Comic-Con Interview: Top 5 Transformers Theories: Watch Black Nerd at More Cons & Events: ==================== SPECIAL GUESTS: Tania Gunadi - "Miko Nakadai" Transformers Prime / "Techno" MyMusic Watch Tania on MyMusic - Josh Keaton - "Jack Darby" Transformers Prime Duane Capizzi - Producer/Head Writer, Transformers Prime SPECIAL THANKS TO SHOUT! FACTORY FOR INTERVIEW / CLIPS. | This is a press promotion. No financial compensation was given. MUSIC: "Beverly Hills Black Nerd" & more by Brett Juilly | VIDEOS: | FACEBOOK: | G+: TWITTER: | PICS: PINTERESTS: | ASK ME Q's: | BLOG: | SHOP: | ==================== TRANSFORMERS vs. SMURFS? Transformers Prime Interview feat. Techno from MyMusic - Black Nerd Comedy -- San Diego Comic-Con 2012. I interview Duane Capizzi, producer and head writer of Transformers Prime, the Hub animated CGI cartoon series. I also talk to 2 voice cast members, Josh Keaton and Tania Gunadi, who you may know as Techno from MyMusic. We discuss the difference between the series and the movies, using an intimate cast of Autobots and Decepticons, and a fan-fiction Transformers / Smurfs crossover. Transformers Prime Season 1 is on DVD and Blu-Ray from Shout! Factory. How to Interview Cast & Crew from Transformers Prime How to Compare Transformers Cartoons to Transformers Movie How to Crossover Transformers and Smurfs How to Name Your Favorite Transformer How to Plug MyMusic from The Fine Bros How to Give a High-Five Transformers Prime Interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Transformers Prime Cast and Crew Interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Transformers Prime Duane Capizzi Josh Keaton Tania Gunadi Interview Transformers Prime Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray from Shout! Factory Techno from MyMusic Interview ==================== BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches & Spoofs, Rants & Vlogs, Events & Interviews, Stand-Up & More from Actor, Comedian, Writer and "Black Nerd" Andre Meadows. | Copyright 2012 - Andre Meadows. Black Nerd Comedy. Transformers "Transformers Prime" Interview Comic-Con SDCC 2012 Hub BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy "Black Nerd" "Black Nerd Comedy" Smurfs "Season 1" "Season 2" "Darkness Rising" "One Shall Stand" DVD Blu-Ray "Shout Factory" Series CGI Cartoon Movie "Duane Capizzi" "Josh Keaton" "Tania Gunadi" Techno MyMusic MyMusicShow "Fine Bros" Autobots Decepticons "Optimus Prime" Megatron StarScream SoundWave Arcee BumbleBee Black Nerd Comedy yt:quality=high HD Andre "Andre Meadows" funny laugh jokes Review