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Trampapalooza!!! - Weber State University - Huge Trampoline Party

4y ago


Weber State University has a ton of cool kids who sure know how to have a good time. When you get 200 kids, 6 Trampolines, and a Tower next to a pond you pretty much get the greatest day of your life! Chase and I use to do this as kids back in Wyoming and we always dreamed about creating this event at a much larger scale! The video was filmed and edited by Indie Pictures, LLC with Andrew Hancock from Freakin Rad at the beautiful Eden Lake Meadows on the private property of Craig Storey and Kip Cashmore. The sick watches in the video were sponsored by our friends at (kno)Name. If you want one you can get $10 off by using the promo word "TRAMP". For business propositions email: You can download this song, "High and Dry" by Nik Day and Chase Baker at: