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my time

Train - Drive By

2y ago


Get your "Anth" bracelet here! YOOOO!!!! What's up everybody, sorry for slackingggg on new videos! Things have been super craaazy lately but I promise to start making more! The other day, I heard Train's new single "Drive By" and thought it'd be dope to remix and add my own thanggg on it!!! Haha, hope you all enjoy :) Come stalk me on: "Anth" Bracelets Available Here: VERSE ONE Never met a girl like you In love with the things you do I wanna spend all my time with you And every dime, imma spend that too Yeah girl, that's the way i feel Take a chance, we got time to kill And I know true love is real But the last girl I had came straight from hell So if you above that, you can show me And imma be right there when you're lonely I want you girl, and you only Me and you, ha, we could be homies I love the way that you are put together Take it slow, never know, this could last forever I don't know about true romance But for you girl I'll learn that dance, let's go VERSE TWO Hot dinner with them candle flames Less talking, and more champagne Because of you girl, life has changed and your last name, imma do the same See, you bring out the best of me So, imma give you the best of me They should come study us, I swear we got that chemistry It's the way we love and the way we lust It's the way we touch, and the way we fuck Sorry girl, I don't mean to be blunt But can you see now, you're the one i want I wanna kiss you now, then strip you down Take it from my bed to the living room couch Ah, yeah girl, I know you like that So give me some love, and imma give it right back, let's go