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Tour De France Updates: Bradley Wiggins Takes Yellow Jersey Into Mountains of Stages 10 and 11

4y ago


The Tour De France had a day off on Tuesday, as the certainly exhausted field of cyclers prepares for the upcoming challenges of Stages 11 and 12, both of which contain HC climbs. Bradley Wiggins, who currently holds a nearly 2 minute lead over the closest competitor, looks to be in complete control provided he doesn't have a major slip up. Who knows though, with all of the crashes so far in this year's race, it's far from an inevitability that Wiggins can steer clear of harm and cruise on to the finish line in Paris later this month. Chris Fontecchio of SB Nation's Podium Cafe fields questions from Tyler Bleszinski, a huge cycling fan that just so happens to be the founder of the network. Check out what they have to say about all the crashes in this year's race, whether they think Wiggins has what it takes to retain his lead, and what their personal favorites are amongst this year's crop of custom-made bikes.