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Totum HLS

4y ago


TOTUM Heater system: Description: Heat, Light, and Sound in one very sleek package. The Totum HLS is a revolutionary outdoor heater that uses radiant heating technology to warm the entire area, not just the top down as with traditional patio heaters. It also functions as a portable entertainment center with mp3 connectivity, speakers and 5 color LED lights. Be warm and entertained with the Totum HLS. Features: •An outdoor entertainment system that combines heating, LED Lights and high quality speakers with MP3 player connectivity. •Stainless steel and powder coated steel construction for durability and weather resistance. •Provides radiant heating to warm an entire 16' radius, rather than direct heat that only warms the space beneath the hood. •4 LED color mood lights than can be synched with the music or kept static Synch up to 32 units with 1 MP3 player or phone. •Lights and speakers run on electricity. Plug-in or optional rechargeable battery pack available for complete portability. •Four locking wheels make it easy to transport. Specs: •Overall construction: Powder coated steel and 430 grade stainless steel •35,000 BTUs •4 LED color mood lights •Speakers with MP3 (iPod) player connectivity •Completely wireless and portable for up to 6 hours with the purchase of optional •Rechargeable battery pack •Available fuel type: liquid propane or natural gas •25" (L) x 21" (D) x 72.5" (H)