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suburban sprawl

suburban sprawl

Toronto 2061

2y ago


Toronto 2061 What might the next 50 years hold for Toronto? We look at some of the ideas and predictions people have about what Toronto could look like in 2061. TORONTO 2061: Toronto's Evolving Skyline Fifty years ago, Toronto's skyline was a mere shadow of what stands tall today. There was no CN Tower, no Rogers Centre and far fewer office towers and condominiums. But 50 years from now, the city's skyline will look even more dramatically different, experts say, as immigration fuels a building boom in four key neighbourhoods: Bloor St. and Kipling Ave. in Etobicoke, Yonge St. and Highway 401 in North York, Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave., and McCowan Rd. and Highway 401 in Scarborough... TORONTO 2061: The Future of Commuting In Toronto circa 1961, a gallon of gasoline was a mere 37 cents (that's 9 cents a litre) and the cost of a new car was about $1,000. Last week, gas hit all-time highs in cities across Canada, reaching $1.14 or more a litre in Toronto. But with suburban sprawl stretching the GTA from the Durham Region to Burlington and beyond, most drivers facing long commutes just grit their teeth and open their wallets... TORONTO 2061: The Sports Fan's Future Toronto sports fans have been waiting 44 years for their beloved Maple Leafs to win another Stanley Cup. And while they may be waiting another 44 years or more, by 2061 the local sports fan will at least be able to get right into the action from the comfort of their couch, experts say. While the Leafs' fortunes from year to year are anyone's guess, there is no doubt that the way fans watch the games will change dramatically over the next 50 years. Experts say that merely watching games on big, flat-screen televisions or projection screens will seem so 2011... TORONTO 2061: Toronto the big, or the great? Over the next 50 years, there is no doubt Toronto will grow in size. But will it be a better city to live in, or just merely bigger? Urban planning expert Richard Florida says the planning to make Toronto a world-class city in the same league as Paris or New York in the next 50 years must start now...