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microsoft surface

Top 5 Google I/O Announcements!

4y ago


Highlights of I/O 2012! Enjoy & Thumbs up! 1. 0:22 Android 4.1 Jellybean 2. 3:30 Nexus 7 Tablet 3. 5:07 Nexus Q System 4. 5:25 Google+ Updates 5. 5:48 Google Project Glass New Nexus Devices: Android Apps Updated: YouTube, Google+, Maps, Play Store, Movies and Chrome! Google managed to get an unfinished product to live stream jumping out of a plane, bicycle down a wall, and jump onto a stage. It was done flawlessly when people could have actually died and there wasn't a blip. No crashes, no deaths. Microsoft Surface's browser wouldn't launch. Google I/O Keynote Videos: ~