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boston celtics

boston celtics

The Myra Loves Show 860 AM: REINVENTION SUNDAYS - "Empower Yourself"

4y ago


REINVENTION SUNDAYS -- This is a special edition video requested by "Tonya and Myra "Healthy Living" 860 AM" where Retention Frontiers Founder brings the concept of REINVENTION TUESDAYS to Turner Field "Home of the Braves" in Atlanta, GA. This video addresses the upcoming election and how we as individuals have to Empower Ourselves. LeBron James Empowered himself to be a Champion, starting in Game 6 against the Boston Celtics. BE AWARE: 126 Days until the election! Validate you are registered and compliant! Events: July 28, 2012: Apopka FL - Back To School Bowling Jam September 10, 2012: Boston, MA - 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament "Hitting Balls for The Cause" Last REINVENTION TUESDAYS video: Get Back Up - Visit our website for more information on upcoming