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2y ago


"I Wanna Be On MTV" is a tribute to the artists and music that inspired me in my youth and the network that captivated my imagination. DEDICATED TO MY UNCLE DAVID Shot, edited and directed by Todd Rocheford. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tony Haris & J.R. Abdelhamid for Atof Enterprises Special Thanks: Ray Negron (Make-up & Hair) Bryan "Wallace" Santana (Production Asst.) Julio "July" Sanabriga (Production Asst.) Christina Acosta (Dogs and Production Support) Nnicoel Gonzalez (Wardrobe Support) Lyrics and Melody by Tony Haris Music by Kuky Sweets & Tony Haris Recorded & Mixed by Kaleb "K Quick" Rollins for Grand Staff Verse 1 Ever since Janet was in Control I had a spark inside that continues to grow I knew that I was meant to tell and show there was music in me and as i grow Janet took me on an escapade And Paula promised me A Brand New Day And purple reigned on a raspberry beret those were the days Pre-Chorus I wanted nothing more when i was a teen a song and video on that magic screen I wouldnt have it any other way (at night) I'd close my eyes and say.... Chorus I wanna be, I wanna be on MTV I'd I wanna be, I wanted to be on MTV I'd close my eyes and say....