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Tomb Raider Controversy Explained & Nintendo's Best E3 - Up At Noon

4y ago


Today on Up at Noon Global Brand Director Karl Stewart clarifies recent controversy over the game and talks about Tomb Raider's showing at E3 2012 and the trials of rebooting a franchise. The team also unearths an ancient Nintendo E3 Press Conference from 1988 (that's totally not fake and shot with Brian Altano), Destin gives you some pointers about online trash talking, and Greg goes nuts with firearms. Also, jokes about Canadian football, bacon sundaes, tortoises, and excessive Left 4 Dead titles. Also, speaking of tortoises, look around for a special easter egg, hidden somewhere in the episode. At least I think it's hidden somewhere in the episode. They don't really tell me anything. They're all like "Hey, write this YouTube description" and I'm all like "Okay," and then they don't feed me. I'm so very hungry. Enjoy Up at Noon!!! Subscribe to START for more original programming: Subscribe to IGN's channel for the latest reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs: TAGS: "tomb raider" "tomb raider interview" "tomb raider controversy" "e3 2012" "nintendo e3 2012" "nintendo e3" nintendo "online trash talk" "trash talk" firearms guns "canadian football" cfl "left 4 dead" l4d bacon "karl stewart" interview chat humor skit news "gaming news" "video game news" comedy funny gaming video variety sketch spoof parody lol start START ign entertainment "up at noon"