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the stones

the stones

Tomb Raider Chronicles: Rome - The Colosseum

4y ago


A complete walkthrough of the 3º level in the game with commentaries and tips! It's located in Italy, Rome and contains 3 secrets :) After getting hold of all the stones, Lara places them in their receptacles near the door in order to open it. She enters to investigate, but steps on a crumbling tile and slides down into the darkness. Lara searches the sinister depths of this area and finds herself inside the actual Colosseum, full of gladiators, lions and strange Roman statue which come to life. She makes her way passed several crumbling parts of the Colosseum and finally reaches the golden wall where the Philosopher's Stone rests. OBJECTIVES - Find a way into the area where the Philosopher's Stone is located. ENEMIES: - Lions - Gladiators - Roman Statue TRAPS AND OBSTACLES: - Lava pit - Spike pit FINDS: - Philosopher's Stone - Uzis - 2 Colosseum Keys - 2 Gemstone Pieces - 3 Secrets (Golden Roses)