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Time Lapse

4y ago


If you want to download the song, go here!: Alrighty, so this piece was written for a client out in Atlanta, Georgia...hopefully their client likes it as well haha! But I wanted to shared this piece because it was truly a fun piece to write!!! Sure I had less than a weekend to write 8 minutes of music. I wrote up a quick 1:30 demo to them and the director liked it but hadn't heard back from their client as for a green light yet but said I should go on anyway. So Friday, Saturday Night (because of work eating up my entire day) and all day Sunday up until about 3 am and even this morning I was writing this piece....The toughest part about this piece was trying to keep the momentum going for 8 minutes long and still retain that feel and style When I was first approached about the project, I saw the video and instantly thought of two composers - Hans Zimmer's "Time" and "One Simple Idea" from the Inception soundtrack and also Philip Glass' Metamorphosis album. So I went to town with a simple piano segment which then was introduced to the guitars with their repetitive patterns. The strings were going to be a major factor in this piece as well. I also wanted to add in some electronica elements as well but at a minimum so that the listeners could be sucked into with the strings and piano. Some obstacles along the way aside from trying to keep the momentum going for 8 minutes was the many modulations and key changes to get to a certain key I wanted. There is a 30 second bit found at 6:03 that frustrated me for a good hour on how to land it in a certain key....the key where the guitar and drums come in. That whole modulating segment took a great deal of time because there were many variations to go but none of them went as smooth as the one you hear. Some other tidbit information to listen for: at 5:12, the guitar segment there.....I didn't realized it at first because I thought it sounded cool, but those three notes that play there are actually similar to the three notes you hear on the Spiderman cartoon theme haha!!! Also at 6:26, that key change from a G major to a B major was an idea that I had heard on a few Danny Elfman soundtracks. The drumming found at 6:35 was a lot of fun to do! In the film, it's just clips of a time lapse sequence of downtown Atlanta at night....really cool looking, so to give a feeling of excitement and thrill of downtown I decided to try out this Coldplay kind of feel. It wasn't easy as I'm not a drummer by any means, so I had to figure out what a real drummer could do while I performed the recording on the keyboard haha!!! That last segment is also my favourite due to that sense of accomplishment you feel...I dunno if it's the drumming or the strings or what, but somehow it just feels like this motivation to keep doing the best you can. Anyway, so there you go! Unfortunately due to this project, it will not be a downloadable piece on soundcloud, but I wanted to share it with you guys so consider yourself lucky! But feel free to comment or ask or anything!!! Since this is still being under review, there might be changes needed....if anything I'm assuming the last segment where the drums come in at 6:36 will probably be changed, but then again, maybe the client will like it a lot and want to keep it haha!! who knows!. So until then, enjoy the piece!!! Also check out my youtube channel and feel free to subscribel (I need to update that!): Also check out my blog as well to check out the latest content (I need to update that as well! haha!): Also check out my website (in production): If you want to ask me about my compositions in how I write them or anything, feel free to send me a message me and if you know of any director or producer wanting to contact me to discuss projects, send them my information for I'm always up for writing more mu...