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Staff Picks

Living life inspired by art, love, and passion - Marion & Robert Einbeck, Brussels Belgium

4y ago


The Time for Peace Film & Music Awards launched in New York in 1994 by Marion Einbeck and Robert Einbeck, is a response to the need for popularizing films and music recognized for their artistic quality that further the ideals of humanist values such as tolerance, better understanding between people, respect for differences, and human solidarity. The award has previously been presented to filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg for Schindler's List and later Amistad, Michael Radford for Il Postino, Scott Hicks for Shine, Caroline Link for Jenseits der Stille (Beyond Silence), Jan Sverak for Kolya, actor Robin Williams for his performance as Sean McGuire in Good Will Hunting, and last year to Edward Zwick for Blood Diamond; in music the award has gone to artists such as Stevie Wonder for Conversation Peace, Jewel for her songs Pieces of You and A Night Without Amor, Charles Trenet for his lifetime achievement, and in 2007 to Charles Aznavour for Colore Ma Vie, to mention only a few ones. The films and music are selected by the Time for Peace Board of Directors comprised of professionals in the film and music industries and Time for Peace, and the winners by a jury composed of ambassadors to the UN who mark their votes on a special form after screening the DVDs and listening to the CDs. The intention of Time for Peace is to inspire hope through films and music and to show how heroes who aspire to what is the best in a human life could serve as examples for a large audience. The idea underlying the award is that art and culture are important catalysts. Films and music have a strong impact on an understanding of the world, while their creation can potentially have a positive influence. Today's show business artists relay messages that are heard by millions of people who, in addition to their role as spectators, are able to integrate the actor's roles into their own lives. - from To support the juicy living tour and to watch more video interviews, visit http://www.JuicyLivingTour Donate now to support the Juicy Living Tour at Stay tuned on the Juicy Living Tour and where it is right now in the world from Lilou's facebook fan page at