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Through the Eyes of a Giant - "Suit Up" (Official Music Video)

4y ago


This is the first video for Through the Eyes of a Giant and Advocate Studios. The video is for the single Suit up from the EP From Barns to Castles. The video shows a guy who gets stood up at a show by a girl he really cares about. Even though he is in a huge crowd of lively people he feels as if he is watching it completely alone. He then becomes fed up with waiting for her to show up and leaves early. While he is walking back to his place he runs into her and finds out she had decided to spend the evening with a different mutual friend who treats her better and this doesnt sit very well with him. Acting by Kelly Shannon, Cody Shinker, and Joe Belville Filmed by Codee Jennings, Caleb Smith, and Nick Pacotti Edited by Codee Jennings aided by Nick Pacotti