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Three Year Anniversary of Same Sex Marriage

4y ago


Same sex marriage activists around Iowa celebrated three years of having the legal right to marry on Tuesday. It's the anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court's Decision: Varnum v. Brien. For the past three years Erin and Rachel Dobb--McConnell have been a happily married couple. "We had said as soon as it becomes legal we will get married right away," Erin said. The couple fell in love 12 years ago and has been together ever since. They have two kids who are proud to tell others they have two moms. Erin and Rachel had children and owned a home together before they got married, but that final puzzle piece of their family came together one month after the supreme court decision on April 3, 2009. "It's very fulfilling," said Erin. "We're very proud of our family and our children. We can go to school and they have a married couple as their parents." It's families like theirs that One Iowa wants opponents of gay marriage to look at. "At the end of the day this is about loving and committed couples who are married who are in love, who are starting families, who are hard working Iowans and they just want the state to recognize their marriage," said Molly Tafoya with One Iowa. Erin and Rachel would tell them one thing. "My marriage hasn't changed their lives at all but it sure has changed mine," Erin said. "Absolutely," responded Rachel. For those on the other side of the issue, the fight continues. In fact, just two weeks ago, the group the Family Leader was at the Statehouse. They're asking lawmakers to allow Iowans to vote on a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.