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prevailing winds

prevailing winds


2y ago


Does the thought of chemical and biological warfare terriy you? It is supposed to. That is the basis of terrorism. Biowarfare has never been used against US forces yet there has never been more research and testing than there are now at more than 125 laboratories in the US. U.S. Military Textbook tells best method of chemical and biowarfare. Unsuspecting people in hospitals, banks, schools, apartments, auditoriums, theaters, sporting arenas, indoor groups of any kind may the targets. This is a triumph for some unconscionable research scientists funded with your tax dollar. "The ideal biological warfare agent would be one to which the target force is known to be susceptible." Most commonly delivery is aerosolized agent. George Bush claimed his intent was "pure" to justify the genetic bioweapon research at the NBACC. He claimed his pure intentions gave him the right to do anything he wanted and he did. Chapter 20 of "Use of Biological Weapons" Medical Corp US Army Ft. Detrick "An ideal biological warfare agent would be easily disseminated in aerosol-producing devices. These could be mounted on an airplane, boat, car, or other moving vehicle or in an enclosed space where it could more efficiently infect or intoxicate humans.. "The method of delivery of biological warfare agents may be as simple and inconspicuous as attaching an off-the-shelf spray device to a car, truck, boat or airplane which appears harmless and normal." "A biological warfare agent need no longer be highly lethal to be effective, for incapacitation and confusion may be all the disruption necessary to cause the intended effects. The psychological and demoralizing impact of the sinister use of a lethal infection or toxin cannot be underestimated." "Thekey factorsthat make a biological pathogen or toxin suitable for a large scale bio-attack include: (a) availability or ease of production in sufficient quantity; Many replicating agents (bacteria and viruses) can be produced in large quantities with modern fermentation and viral production technologies." "Some of the rare toxins, like sacitoxin, could be used on a very limited scale to target one or a few individusla (assassination) (b) the ability to cause either lethal or incapacitation effects in humans at doses that are achievable and deliverable; "An ideal biological weapon would also cause disease or intoxication when inhaled, as the most likely and effective mode of dissemination of a biological warfare agent is by aerosolization. Biologiccal agents may enter the human body by: (1) Inhalation into the lungs, (2) oral ingestion in food or water (3) percutaneous injection into the skin (4) dermal absorption in the skin, Inhalation or aerosol route of entry into the body is by far the most important to consider. "An ideal biological warfare agent would be of a particle size that would allow it to be (1) carried for long distances by prevailing winds and (2) inhaled deeply into thelungs of the unsuspecting victims." the size range of particles that meets both of these conditions is 1 to 5 um in diameter. Particles larger than this fall to the ground or are filtered out in the upper respiratory tract of those who inhale them. Particles in this size range are invisible to the human eye; thus, a cloud of such particles would not generally be detected." (d) ease of dissemination (1) The potential deadly or incapacitating effects on a susceptible population. (2) the self-replicating capacity of some biological agents to continue proliferating in the affected individual and in the local population and surroundings. (3) The relatively low cost of producing many biological weapons compared to traditional weapons. (r4) The insidious symptoms that can mimic endemic diseases, (5) the difficulty of immeiately detecting the use of a biological agent, owing to the current limitations in fielding a multiagent sensor system, as well as to the prolonged incubation period preceding illnes...