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the clutch

the clutch

Think Hybrid Cars aren't Performance Cars? Think Again - Toyota TS030 HYBRID

4y ago


Designed to deliver top performance on track whilst also delivering incredible fuel economy - meet the Toyota TS030 racing Hybrid In the video, the TS030 Hybrid pulls away in electric mode from the pits, then suddenly accelerates forward with instant power and an extraordinary sound. At the allotted time, the driver drops the clutch and the internal combustion engine kicks in with a thump! The is a superb display of power and speed, especially from a hybrid. Toyota and Lexus are leading the world with our hybrid technology. Not only are our hybrid cars becoming more efficient each year, we're also reaching new levels of performance. In this video you can see the Toyota TS030 hybrid racing car. It'll be taken to Le Mans to tackle the famous Mulsanne Straight! It'll compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship, beginning at the Six Hours of Spa Francochamps in May, followed by a grueling Le Mans race in June. Hybrid technology is the way of the future and we're leading the way with our top performing cars. Why would you buy a hybrid car from any other company?! We'll post up videos of the TS030 racing once the videos are available, so stay tuned! -Pinkstones Toyota Stoke