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Thief Of Baghdad 1968 - Title Music and Screen Credits - Baldev Nath

1y ago


Thief of Baghdad (1969) Dara Singh CAST:- Dara Singh, Nishi, Helen, Savita, Jeewankala, B.M. Vyas, Sheikh Produced by Ram Kumar Bohra ... Directed by Shreeram Bohra Lyrics by S.H. Bihari ... Music by Baldevnath Playback Singers:- Asha, Usha, Shamshad, Kamal Barot, Vikoo Khursheed Other Songs from this Movie 'Thief Of Baghdad 1968' are HERE Title Music and Credits Mujhko Deewana Kar Kisi Ka Agar Tumko Dil Lo Saaf Bata Detein Hai Hai Hai Hai Mere Jaan Wild Native Dance Haaye Mere Dil Pe Churi Humko Bhi Manaa Hai SYNOPSIS:- Thief of Baghdad (1966) After tyrannical Commander Jabbir kills his father, Mehmood, along with his brother, Mehboob; sister, Yasmin; friend, Badru, and others decide to become bandits and loot the rich. Mehmood, now known as Baghdad Ka Chor, falls in love with Shehzadi Rukhsana, who detests him, and sets out to hunt him down after she finds out that he has abducted her brother. She does locate her brother, finds out that Mehmood had actually rescued him from unknown assailants and falls in love instead. Their lives will soon be turned upside down when Mehboob decides to sexually molest Rukhsana; betrays Mehmood, has him arrested and sentenced to be hanged; while Commander Jabbir makes himself magically immortal and indestructible, takes over the kingdom, imprisons the emperor, the Shehzada, and abducts and holds Rukhsana in a secret location