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"They Hate Us For Our Pancakes" by Old Fart Rants

4y ago


Fear mongering is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and Republican party has been using it to deceive the America public ever since George Bush. Bush and Darth Cheney milked this con game for 8 years, and every minute of it was based on scaring people with relentless fear mongering - all of it was based on lies. So when the 2008 elections came along, the Republican strategy was to paint Barack Obama as the guy to be scared of. He's not a US citizen! He's a secret Muslim! He has death panels that will pull the plug on grandma! He wants to take our guns away! He wants to destroy America as we know it! And the fear mongering continues as we head towards the next election: Obama is a gay loving baby killer! He's waging war on the church! He still wants to take our guns away, as proven by the fact he hasn't done it yet! We have to take our country back, blah blah blah. Since all they've done for the past few years is target women's rights and obstruct progress so they can blame Obama for not making any, Republicans know they can't win a fair election. So they're selling fear of rampant voter fraud as an excuse to rig the 2012 elections, despite having no evidence that it exists. Non existent rampant voter fraud is the WMD's of the next election. As long as we let these self righteous, lying, fear-mongering, election rigging fascists have any control in our government, we'll never have any real freedom. That's why we have to vote every Republican and Tea Tard candidate out in November. Because believe me -- if we don't, we really will have a reason to be scared.