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the airport

the airport

Therion - Dies Irae (A capella) (Mexico City October 2010)

4y ago


Live in Mexico city's Airport haha There is a long story behind this video, I just want to say that we had the fortune of meeting the band in the airport before they leave to Guadalajara after their messy visit to Mexico city, which ended up in the cancellation of their show (which, of course was not the fault of the band). We (a friend and I) talked with them, took pics, have some stuff signed, had so much fun, and the fortune of having the band performing this song, only for us!!! (for what we will be always thankful), it was probably one of the best moments of our excistence =P so we wanted to share it with all Therion fans!!!! specially for the Mexican fans, who wanted Therion to play and it did not happened. THIS is the proof that Therion wanted and will always want to perform for their fans, as the true artists they are!!! for all of those who believed all that BULLSHIT the mexican promoter talked about them So, here you have: Snowy Shaw, Lori Lewis, Katarina Lilja and Thomas Vikström of Therion performing Mozart's "Dies Irae" ENJOY =)