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THAT'S MY WEAKNESS NOW ~ Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra

4y ago


THAT'S MY WEAKNESS NOW ~ Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra ~ The Rhythm Boys ~ Bing Crosby ~ Columbia Records. Paul Whiteman started his first orchestra in 1918 in San Francisco. Many of those who would later become major players in the music world , got their start with Whiteman, including Henry Busse, Matty Malneck, Nat Shilkret, Red Nichols, Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, Bix Beiderbecke, Frankie Trumbauer, Bunny Berigan, Jack Teagarden, Billy Butterfield, & many others. Bing Crosby & The Rhythm Boys got their start with Whiteman in 1926. Paul Whiteman was a key figure in the history of the Big Bands. By the late 1920's, Whiteman was the biggest name in the band business and was the highest paying bandleader at that time. He was the first bandleader to use a vocal group, a pioneer in the use of well-arranged orchestrations, a first in international band tours, and a big influence on many of those who would later follow in his footsteps. Paul Whiteman died of a heart attack on December 29, 1967 in Doylestown, Pennsyvania. He was 77 years old. The Rhythm Boys consisted of Bing Crosby, Harry Barris, & Al Rinker , who was the brother of singer, Mildred Bailey, the wife of bandleader, Red Norvo. The group started with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra in 1926, where they stayed until 1930. By the end of the year, the group found themselves with Gus Arnheim's Orchestra, however, by January of 1931, Bing Crosby was finding himself in the spotlight more and more often. Eventually, The Rhythm Boys fell apart, Bing Crosby became a solo act, & Al Rinker joined singer, Bea Wain , as member of Bea and the Bachelors. Read : Leo Walker's "THE WONDERFUL ERA OF THE GREAT DANCE BANDS" & "THE BIG BAND ALMANAC"