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this time next year

this time next year

Thanks Bobby

4y ago


The guys from asked us to do this and we thought it was a great idea. Bobby is a legend and we as fans want to let him know what his meant to our beloved Braves. Thanks B-O-B-B-Y His last season, makes me want to cry B-O-B-B-Y We met him once he's a jovial guy B-O-B-B-Y Greatest skipper ever, that ain't no lie Thank you, bless you Bobby For collecting titles as a hobby In a hotel for champs you'd run the lobby Sorry if as fans we're sounding snobby (Bobby in the lobby) Players consider him their second dad Fans love him like a lumberjack loves plaid Miss a call and like the hulk he's mad He turned ejections into a fad (when Bobby's mad) Pre-Chorus: A manager that wears his spikes He'll never back down from a fight That's why he gets thrown out every other night He can't help it if he's always right CHORUS And so, this time next year Chill out relax somewhere on a pier Because of everything you've done here The comparison better stand clear All he's ever done is win, win, win He communicates volumes touching chin, nose, chin As legendary as England's Anne Boleyn He doesn't realize what a pleasure it's been Pre-Chorus CHORUS