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Terrell Owens Is Caught On Webcam

4y ago


Terrell Owens is caught in an X-rated scandal and Aubrey O'Day has mental health issues. This is what's hot off the net. Hello everyone, I'm Jackie Hollywood filling in for Dorian. NFL star Terrell Owens is at the center of an X-rated photo situation involving some VERY graphic images of himself. According to TMZ, a woman who claims the two met on Twitter is shopping the pictures around to various media outlets. It's unknown if this woman has received any offers yet, but we're sure if these photos exist, they wont go unseen. Aubrey O'Day is crazy... according to a doctor who issued the singer an official medical document which allows her to bring her dogs on airplanes. A rep for Virgin America told TMZ that the "Celebrity Apprentice" star was allowed to bring her 2 "emotional support" pets into the first class section of a flight this week. What does Virgin Airlines require in order for you to bring pets on the plane? Simple. A letter from a licensed mental health professional stating that the passenger has a need for the animal to accompany them in the aircraft. Thanks for tuning in, come back tomorrow to find out which actress has 12 fingers.