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the view

the view

Teodora Stamenkovic - KONZERVANS

4y ago


In the everyday life people are stumbled by situations that confuse, stop and interrupt the deep-rooted system of events they are used to. They make efforts to free themselves out of the concatenation of events in the easiest and fastest way possible and paying no attention to the knotty unsolved and puzzling problems put aside and left behind like the trash thrown on the street or in the park.The man gets back on his planned route and follows it until he comes to the next stumbling block that will be just jumped over as the one before. He closes his eyes approaching the unknown and gets ready for another day in the line. In this way, a lot of people run away from problems and avoid everything which deviates from their common understanding. Striving to convey a message to all those who can understand it, I have decided to run an interesting project. As a motivational object, I have chosen a can. In cooperation with the Recycling Center, Železnik, d.o.o. (Centar za reciklažu) I organized an artistically and ecologically stimulating event. Playing with words, I brought together the symbol of human limited state of mind, backwardness, conservatism and the obvious carelessness towards the environment. Cans thrown all over around us contain biologically dangerous food and drink leftovers which endanger our health and the environment. That is why I found them the purpose and used them in my project and decided to put them at prominent places in the center of Belgrade with the aim to turn people's attention to the problem of waste and the importance of collecting it for further use. Another meaning of the can in my project is the backwardness of people rooted in primitivism and conservatism. The man is encapsulated within the cold boundaries of the can and is not willing to change and adapt them to something new and useful, let alone to move them away. And when the lid is opened slightly and the touch of fresh air felt, if it exceeds his bearing limits, he becomes as useless for the development of society as the stale food in the can. The contents of the tin we cannot use a lot of times. After their use, the tins should be recycled and made into something else. The title of the project was chosen having in mind unavoidable ingredient of canned-food --konservans (preservative). It is a substance which slows down spoilage (loss of quality, edibility or nutritional value) and thus allows for longer storage. It symbolizes everything the man sticks to as to survive in a small, potentially unhealthy community: old-fashioned principles, excessive pride, fake morals, ... All that prevents the man to face the freshness of something new, unusual and changeable --he remains conserved/conservative. The aim of the action is to invite everybody to attentively and respectfully look after their environment. The special focus is given to the need to widen the view-limits beyond those imposed by the man himself, who is unaware that his spiritual life actually dwells in an ordinary can.