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TENNIS RETURN | How The Tennis Pros Take A Short Back Swing On Return

1y ago


Check Out TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING here: The tennis return is one of the most fundamental shots in tennis. There are many theories on how to take a short backswing and how to swing at the tennis return. I've hear multiple times to take a short backswing on the tennis return. But what does that really mean?? How do you really take the appropriate short back swing?? One of the first things you need to do to take a short backswing is how to hold the racquet. Your bottom hand is going to be holding the tennis racquet with a forehand grip for the tennis return. The top hand is actually in a tennis backhand grip for the tennis return. Holding the tennis racquet this way for the tennis return is crucial. It sets up the first move. The next thing we need to talk about is what to do with the off hand for the tennis forehand. You will not pull your arm straight across. It will be more at a 45 degree angle towards the net post pointing forward. The arm will be pointing more forward then on normal forehands. This will keep you from turning too much on the tennis return. The two key steps will improve your tennis return dramatically. Holding the grip correctly and pointing the off hand more on the tennis return will take your return to the next level. Check Out TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING here: