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communist party

Temporary Win for Shifang Protestors

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Recently ten-thousand people protested against construction of a molybdenum copper plant in Shifang, Sichuan. Students were the main force. The protest was met with a bloody crackdown by one thousand special police. On July 3, Shifang authorities promised not to resume building, and released some detained demonstrators. British media said Chinese environmentalists had a rare win, but has the incident concluded? Demonstrators say they are not convinced the decision to terminate construction is a permanent commitment. In addition, who ordered a bloody crackdown of unarmed students with armed police? Who will bear criminal liability and responsibility to the victims? Who will answer these questions and be held responsible? Shifang, Sichuan Province is located in southwest China. It is one of the areas hardest hit by the Wenchuan earthquake. Recently, the construction of a local molybdenum copper plant began. After the people became aware, residents grew worried that the plant endangered the health of local people. From July 1, they held a large-scale protest. The authorities sent nearly a thousand anti-riot police and armed police to bloodily suppress. Many protesters were severely beaten. Hundreds of people were injured, two students were killed. Many students were arrested. On the night of July 3, Shifang government announced that they decided to stop the project due to the strong reaction of residents worried the molybdenum copper project will affect environment and endanger people's health. On July 4, Shifang government released an announcement claiming six people who had overthrown police vehicles and threw flower pots and bricks at police were detained; the remaining 21 people recognized mistakes and were released. On July 4, a number of protesters still gathered at the front gate of the municipal committee, demanding the release of the detained students. On July 5, part of the deployment of police had been withdrawn, but there were still police cars patrolling the city. It is rare that Chinese authorities did not control public opinion of the Shifang event like in other large-scale incidents. Pictures and videos of Shifang conflicts surfaced everywhere online. Hu Jun, the rights movement organization leader, pointed out public opinions of Shifang events seem to be relaxed, but the repressive attitude of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) towards the group events did not change at all. Hu Jun: "If the authorities continue to suppress, they will definitely occur on a large scale, or even real armed insurrection. In Sichuan Province, the Wenchuan earthquake caused great loss. If the Sichuan authorities continue to suppress, all people in Sichuan will react because population of Sichuan is relatively dense, and the news spread fast among people. So the whole situation forced the government to loosen control." Hu Jun said the reason the Shifang Government was willing to compromise and commit to cease the molybdenum copper project is directly related to the participation of a large number of students. Hu Jun: "Students are particularly important, because they communicate fast and have very clear division in their work. They can mobilize very fast, and form a very large force. Students are also linked directly to parents and the society. They (students) are very effective." Hu Jun said that this incident will not end like this. Who mobilized the armed police? Who has the power to do it? Who ordered the armed police to conduct a bloody crackdown of unarmed students? These people must be criminally charged. Hu Jun: "We have to follow up on this problem. The armed police wounded so many people. Who injured them? We should collect statistics of the wounded, and then report for compensation? Whoever made the order should bear legal responsibility." Jun Hu pointed out that since the government had c...