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ultimate reality

ultimate reality

Templeton Lectures:Men studying Natural Sciences cannot study the Spirit of God - 2.

4y ago


Templeton Lectures:Men studying Natural Sciences cannot study the Spirit of God - 2. Hi Brethren, On 01 June, 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the 25th Annual John Templeton Foundation at the British Academy, London. This was a Joint of two people; Lord Gifford and Sir John. Now, Lord Adam Gifford, a Scottish Lawyer made a bequest of a remarkable series of Lectures at the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St.Andrews to what he considered the ultimate topic -- knowledge of God through "natural theology", an ancient concept that in its late nineteenth century formulation included scientific, philosophical, theological and ethical reasoning. The American born investor and philanthropist created the John Templeton Foundation a quarter century ago to support research seeking new insights into the truth about Ultimate Reality. So, this represents the gist of spirit with which this Foundation was established and I feel lucky to be present at this meeting. I listened to the views but most of them were men of letters who are spiritually blind. There were two sessions and the first one was devoted to astronomy and the Panel of Laureates were John D. Barrow, Freeman J. Dyson, and Martin J Rees. Moderated by George F.R.Ellis, FRS Prof. of Applied Mathematics Emeritus, University of Cape Town. I was given the opportunity to ask question and I told them if they ever thought of comparing Sun, to God, the Primary Source of Light and in this line is Christ Jesus whilst Moon, John, the Baptist, is the secondary source of Light, a Witness to the Light of Sun but not the Light that Christ Jesus was. If they can think in this direction, then the theology or Gospel could be easily understood. The Moderator asked the Panel to comment but none commented. During the break, one of them asked me to explain further and I handed him over my tables on Adam and God and the Clues to Easter. But the way, these scientists study theology hardly differs from their men of letters theologians. The next session was dominated by theologians and the Panel of Laureate theologians was Ian G. Barbour, John C. Polkinghorne, Holmes Rolston III and Charles M.Taylor. Moderated by J.S. Keith Ward, FBA. To this panel, I told them that when Jesus died on the Cross, the Curtain of Holiest of Holy was torn from top to bottom telling people to have direct approach to God without any manly Priests as in Jesus, we ourselves have become the Royal Priests with Christ Jesus as our Anointed Royal High Priest. Then, if we are the Royal Priests, then we are greater than the Priests. So, what part these Dog-Collared hireling Priests play in the Christianity of Christ Jesus? Again the Moderator Prof, Keith Ward asked the Panel but no reply. After this session, I asked one of the Panelist if he knew who created Adam and Eve? His answer was God but I told him God is Spirit and what is born of Spirit is spirit by grace. Then, he replied God can create matter. I said no and gave him the answer that it is Yahweh, the Jewish demiurge god of Nature that you can see and in him, you have the natural man that is tamed by the Rabbis as a Disciple. In Christ Jesus, we are Labourers working in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is planted by our Gardner Father God. He was puzzled. So, the Panel Laureates were not capable of receiving new ideas or approach as Gospel is by grace of our Father and not by studying Books that make you super donkey carrying Holy Books. Second coming of Christ Jesus was Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji and His Preaching of Gospel was very systematic but the Kings of Darkness in the East have buried those Treasures as the Messianic Jews killed Apostles by throwing them before hungry lions.