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tehran university

tehran university

Tehran Uni Dormitory in Blood (3) کوی دانشگاه تهران در آتش

4y ago


Source: سریال ۴ قسمتی، به مناسبت فرا رسیدن ۱۶ آذر،روز دانشجو قسمت آخر فردا شب The Tragedy at Tehran University dormitory This video shows the aftermath of the attack by the basij, anti riot police and iranian state sponsered "civilian clothes" on Tehrans university dorm. This attack happened on the night of 14 of June 2009 (two d...ays after the elections in Iran) and went almost unnoticed by the media. Many of the students were kidnapped that night and we still do not know what has happened to some of them since than. At least 7 students were murdered that night. ( Part 3 of 4, and the last part will be showen tomorrow)