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Resto VanHarte: Fred Beekers at TEDxUtrechtUniversity

4y ago


Fred Beekers is a social entrepreneur and one of the founders of Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Medecins Sans Frontiers Holland) and Resto VanHarte. Fred worked within de UN system for Unicef and the United Nations Development Program and in the Dutch Parliament as a policy advisor. Presently Fred is directing Resto VanHarte (NGO) which is a social change organization. Resto VanHarte is committed to bring people together (inclusion). This is vital as 1 in 3 people within the Netherlands suffers from loneliness. Resto VanHarte breaks the shackles of social isolation and provides new contact possibilities for those in need. For Resto VanHarte loneliness is seen as a strength and a challenge. Local people are able to enjoy collective a healthy and affordable meal in one of the 30 highly accessible Resto's VanHarte throughout the country, including locations just for children. And keep up to date with the activities of the local community policeman, counsellor, district nurse, GP, priest or Imam. They inform the quests during diner about their activities in the neighbourhood. The resto's and kitchens thrive on the goodwill of volunteers who passionately make the meal, two times per week, to a grand social event. Resto VanHarte empowers people and their community. More than 100.000 social meals are served out each year at Resto VanHarte.