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teddy ruxpin

teddy ruxpin

Ted Review

4y ago


3_KILLA_BYTES are throwing out their Teddy Ruxpin's for something a bit more crude and rude in this movie review of TED. Find out if this teddy bear flick has the right cotton stuffing to keep you satisfied for 2 hours. In this episode Jay shrinks into a 5 cell organism, Kat loves her poo jokes and Mike is just trying to avoid the lull in his life. So grab your favourite childhood toy and look up to the stars and wish that 3KB never visits your town. Aim2Game (Minecraft Server Hosting) G2PO A&C Games Channel: Facebook Fan Page for 3KB 3KB Fanbytes Channel Please visit our silky website at: Kat's Channel: Jay's Channel: A & C Games Facebook Fan Page Sickids (the official music of 3KB) Follow 3_KILLA_BYTES on Twitter: 3kb, 3_killa_bytes, 3killabytes, reviews, movies, films, Ted, ted the movie, teddy bear, Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi, Christmas miracle, wish, comedy, fantasy, 1985, Teddy bear, toy comes to life, thunder buddies, year 2012, wishes come true, best friends, buddy movie, girlfriend, one friend, loyal, Patrick Stewart, the thunder song, R rated, Jason Hooft, Katharine Jovey, Mike Colangelo