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windows 8

Tech Roundup Weekly Ep 5: Horribly Intexticated

2y ago


Welcome to episode 5 of Tech Roundup Weekly! In this episode, we welcome our first ever guest Tomas Henry, K6THM. Kickstarter Projects Paul featured the ReLaunch, a USB powered variable power supply that can deliver small amounts of DV power to small devices and circuit boards. - Roger featured The Lumi Process, a printing process that allows you to create your own shirts using the sunlight. - Microsoft Worried About Online Bullying - Microsoft did a survey regarding online bullying, and the survey results concern them Blabbermouth - A new website called Blabbermouth posts mugshots of people along with all information when they are arrested, and charges them a fee to remove it which costs $113.99. Paul, Roger, and Tomas discuss whether this is right or not Twitter Transparency Report - Twitter has released their first ever transparency report. You can view it along with a blog post here Microsoft Pricing Change - Microsoft has decided to offer Windows 8 Professional for $40 as an upgrade to those who already have an older version of Windows running, as far back as XP Twitter Working on Monetization - Twitter is still working on exactly how to make their service more profitable, and many wonder what will happen to the service. Sunglasses That Let You See Emotions - 2A1 Labs has developed a pair of sunglasses that lets you tell the emotions of someone bases on color spectrum. Paul, Roger, and Tomas discuss whether this is practical in real-world use. Games Are Getting Easier: 5 Reasons That's a Bad Thing - Roger shows us some reasons why games getting easier could be a bad thing Texting While Driving - Roger talks with us about an infographic with stats on the dangers of texting while driving, and thoughts on it Tablet Wars - Tomas shares with us a comparison of some of the many tablet forms out there For more information, please visit