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Tech Roundup Weekly Ep 10: Internet Pirates vs. Your Wallet

1y ago


Thumbnail Credit: Welcome to another episode of Tech Roundup Weekly! We made it to double digits on our episodes, only 20 more before we hit the magic 30 mark! Just so everyone knows, new episodes won't be released to the iTunes feed for the next couple of weeks. If you're already subscribed, you won't need to re-subscribe. I'm in the process of securing a permanent podcast host, but I can't adsorb the cost at the current moment. Roger's Kickstarter: Blank Graphic Novel Series - Roger featured the Blank Graphic Novel Series - "A Virus for the Virus". Blank is a supernatural adventure story, the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. Watch the video for more information! Paul's Kickstarter: Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming - Paul featured the Oculus Rift - a virtual reality gaming system open to developers. The project had raised over $1.5 million in just a week! Internet Pirates Will Always Win - According to a New York Times article, internet piracy is a growing problem and will probably never be shut down. Paul shares with you a funny story about YouTube's Content ID system. Google Wallet Security Concerns - Thought Google Wallet was super convenient? Turns out it's super insecure as well according to a Social Media Sun article. Amazon Selling More eBooks than Print Books - According to the BBC, for every 100 print books sold through the site, Amazon is selling 114 Kindle eBooks. Paul shares with you the details and opinions. 5 Tips for Making a Successful Infographic - Paul shares with you some tips for making a successful infographic and his own personal tips and opinions. FBI Has Gone All Digital - At a cost of $600 million, the FBI has gone all digital with software called Sentinel. Paul and Roger discuss security concerns and whether they spent too much. Facebook Like Ads now Rotate Notice the ads on Facebook trying to get you to like something? Roger shows you how they rotate now The 10 Commandments of Social Media - Turns out Social Media has its own set of 10 commandments now. Roger shares them with you 5 Geeky Gifts from Etsy - Ever thought it would be cool to have your own QR code crochet blanket? For $480 it could be yours. Want to know some less expensive geeky gifts? Roger has the rest What to eat, when to eat it - Roger shares with you an infographic talking about what to eat and when is a good time to eat it. Nasa's Newest X-Plane Takes to the Skies - Nasa is working on a new plane that could make passenger flights even better. Mars Curiosity Images - Turns out the curiosity rover already has some amazing images. Roger shares them and then Paul and Roger give their opinions on the rover.