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Potluck - West Coast Chopper

4y ago


UnderRated of Potluck raps 32 bars on Tech N9ne's World Wide Choppers Beat! Lyrics: You never gonna be stopping the way that I be flowing I'm going and going til the whole underground's knowing UnderRated is a dude they never wanna give a chance So I took it upon myself I gotta rock it for the fans Rapping so back up if you don't know me better google me I'm smacking the track up if u don't like it it's bufoonary Gimme the bong and I'mma light it flying up into the sky I'm killing a rhyme every time cause I'm a motherfuckin WEST COAST CHOPPER! Humboldt County to the fullest I be smoking a bowl and kicking a flow like I be spitting bullets Pop pop pop as I'm knocking and dropping it so clean Gimme the top and I'm a lock it knock em out like codeine Rocking the mic don't test me Talking about the fresh weed I am the best so whatever you spit don't impress me I flow with 1 Ton everyday he's mi amigo UnderRated and I'm white but still winning likeTim Tebow Me and hip hop's like Kip and Lafawnda Never ever gonna stop smoking marija-wanna Don't need to holla but my bitches looking like La La You ain't a balla your bitch looking like lady gaga I'm into smoking, and fucking, and rapping, they clapping And give me dap, when they happen to see me on the stage I am the illest, admit it, I kill it, every time I hit it, If you wanna get a blunt and fill it we about to blaze Motherfucker don't be talking like better than me Spitting suicidal flows I'm going kamikaze Nobody's stoppin me droppin me not even illuminati Making em rock at every party Knockin' em off like John Gotti I be the sickest when I'm kicking it ripping it flipping it You talk about it but I'm living it legitimate I'm really unlimited Never giving the minimum when you see me at the show They love the flow that I be giving em' And I'm never gonna put the mic down Lights out Knock em out in the 1st round blaow Never gonna stop bring another to the ring I'm rapping all through the hook you can call me the king Because I'm making the beat flipping it up a double time rap I can DJ at your party engineer and mix a track I go on and on and on a hundred miles a minute I'm winning admit it I make it so you can't forget it Props to tech n9ne he's forever my dude I'm up in a party with a brew and a caribou lou I superman that hoe ya my attitude's rude Clark Kent with the flow when I'm in the phone booth Motherfuckers know but I never told you The word's spreading so quick cause I'm sicker than the flu Tour around the country I forever paid dues If you never heard of me consider this a debut Gotta keep it going I'm rolling and never slowing Titties showing when I'm flowing I'm blowing When I'm in the moment I go crazy I'm so amazing Shine and I fuck a fine dime like I'm Jay Z People wanna talk behind my back but it don't faze me And I don't give a crap spit a track never lazy Not just another cracker with a rap cause it pays me And I'm the best player on the team never trade me and yo Never gonna be stopping the flow I'm breaking em off look out below Making em talk cause I'm a pro Knockin em down like dominoes Everybody wanna see me cause I flow phenomenal You thinking you can beat me but you better call an audible Bump ba ba ba ba bump In the tru tru truck When I'm driving pa pa past All the neighbors wake up Sub noise DGAF ya I don't give a fuck! Rise to the top I'm forever Potluck!