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beverly hills

beverly hills

Tanya Newbould and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Interview at Donna Spangler Flexin-4-Dollars Summer Soiree

4y ago


Actresses and Reporters Mikayla and Shayna Chapman interview Actresses Tanya Newbould and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on the red carpet at Donna Spangler's Flexin-4-Dollars Summer Soiree in Beverly Hills to help raise awareness for Siobhan Neilland's Charity OneMama.Org. OneMama helps save lives of Ugandan families. Their mission is: "By creating a pilot program in Uganda that can be replicated in all rural, poor communities around the globe; OneMama ensures that midwives, mothers, fathers and children receiving assistance also receive the opportunity for education in pre/postnatal care, family planning, and financial stability. The recipients, whether they are mothers, fathers, midwives, or volunteers must contribute back to OneMama, creating a unified support system."