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Talibam! Rap Report #2

4y ago


Talibam! Rap Report #2 Talibam!'s #noschool Rap Report 2 brings into discussion 2 Chainz, The Fresh Prince, Louis Vuitton, LaGuardia Airport, A Ukranian Reporter, Men in Black III, MCA, Brooklyn Heights, Bikini Kill, Beastie Boys, Squibb Park, State Street Park, Marky Mark, The Future, Light Rail, Limousines, Jacuzzis, Brown Rice, etc. Featuring Special Guest DJ Big Apple aka Tararaka. Talibam! #noschool Rap album "Puff Up The Volume" released September 2012 on ... Talibam! is Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea. Talibam! #noschool Rap Report 1: Talibam! on Critical Heights Records: