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last night

last night

Take the Pressure Off

1y ago


I've come a long way in patience, perhaps wisdom, during the long and arduous and winding three years of emotions while chasing this Xtreme Dream. I've finally learned not to worry about the weather. Each time my inner monkey chatter starts in with "But we've been here 5 weeks, ready.....but I'm at my physical peak and what if that starts to fade as we wait.....what if we go deep into August.....", I take a deep breath and stop that useless inner dialogue. My time will come. I don't know when it will be. I can't control when it will be. But it will come. What I need to do now is to train during this final taper period, make sure every detail of the expedition is buttoned down, keep a tight communications stream with my core team, stay calm and focused. And it helps to get outside myself, take a little pressure off, with real life here in Key West. Was out for a stroll last night and came across this local character.