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song contest

song contest

TAKE THE G TRAIN - Brooklyn Brewery "Brooklyn, Sweden" G Train Song Contest Entry

4y ago


"Take the G Train" by Ellia Bisker of Sweet Soubrette, created for the Brooklyn Brewery's "Brooklyn, Sweden" G train song contest. Featuring Ellia Bisker on vocals & ukulele and Stan Killian on sax, performed live on the G train! (Stan actually intended to get on the F train, but instead found himself on the G as I was preparing to shoot this video. By the time the train got to Court Square, we'd gotten acquainted and I'd talked him into sitting in on the song. G train magic! -Ellia) TAKE THE G TRAIN See that green eye gleaming down the track Getting on the G train, never looking back My baby lives in Brooklyn, here I am in Queens Getting on the G train, you know what that means You don't need Manhattan 2 or 3 or 4 Just run down the platform Before they close the doors Chorus: Take the G train Sure it runs a little slow Take the G train Gets you where you want to go Take the G train Only four cars at a time Take the G train Till they shut down the whole line G is for good news G is for green The light that says it's coming is the best thing that I've seen Riding on the G train, down from LIC Church Ave is the stop where my baby waits for me Greener than an apple Greener than a lime Big G in a circle Get me there on time (Chorus) And if they ever cancel the extension From Carroll Gardens out to Kensington Oh it would cut just like a knife To have to switch at Smith & 9th The MTA holds my heart in their hands (Chorus)