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early morning

early morning

@Tadoba -Bold Male Leopard. ghost who walks. (Enhanced)

4y ago


Male Leopard walking head on towards us in early morning golden light @ Tadoba. One early morning in October as we were entering the tadoba range from khathoda gate and just as we cleared the bend on the tar road we saw some moment on the far uphill of tar road. we halted our gypsy and our guide vansate sonule picked up the binocular and confirmed its a leopard. we asked him whether it was walking towards us or moving ahead ? guide said he is walking head on towards us. we swithched off our gypsy and our cameras positioned stood still no movement and then poetry in motion.... he came came came came his elegant leopard walk but bold like a tiger walking head on awestruck i kept filming till hardly 15 feet apart from our gypsy. he stood there like a ghost who walks in front our eyes in golden light no words to say... sniffing and turning in confidence .. then our ears heard a gypsy coming far from behind , the ghost also heard it turned and disappeared into the long golden grass just like a phantom without moving a blade. hope u enjoyed the video. Music: Bed by Jahzzar (