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Staff Picks

Syria-Homs-Martyrdom of father and son next to him +18- Part 248

2y ago


شام حمص الخالديه إستشهاد والد و بجانبه إبنه 18 20 3 2012. Do you know what is happening in Syria Syrian army ..And security authorities.. Led by the President Bashar al-Assad And the gangs that lead them.... Killing children, men and women ... even animals Why??? Do you know why? Because they wanted freedom and decent living This is the criminal dictatorship President ----------------------------------------------- Message to all the countries of the world We are against terrorism and terrorists And against each of the hide of Islam for terror Revolution in Syria is against injustice The Syrian people with all countries of the world that suffer from the terrorists who hide Islam and other things We are originally in Syria, Muslims and Christians and other religions revolt against the dictator Assad There are martyrs of our brothers Christians