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Syria - Douma Burns As Assad Bombs City 6-17-12 Dictator Destroying Damascus Suburb

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Syria - Douma Burns As Assad Bombs City 6-17-12 Dictator Destroying Damascus Suburb 2012.flvلاش الحرائق من أثار القصف دوما 17 6 ف From Syria 17-6-2012 Posted by abeer on June 17th, 2012 Local Coordination Committees in Syria: The number of today's martyrs in Syria has reached 43 thus far. 12 martyrs fell in Damascus Suburbs, 11 fell in Homs, 6 fell in Hama, 5 fell in Deir Ezzor, 4 fell in Aleppo, 3 fell in Daraa and 2 fell in Damascus Aleppo: Koubani: Lawyers demonstration started in the city in solidarity with Damascus: Jobar: The regime's army stormed the city and conducted a campaign of raids on houses led to the arrest of dozens. It is ongoing since the morning Deir Ezzor: Buqrus: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime's army were reported in the town's perimeter along with intense gunfire from the regime's army heavy machine guns Candy: Idlib: Salqeen: Warplanes were reported in the border area adjacent to the Turkish lands Damascus: Hajar Aswad: The regime's shabiha (thugs) assassinated Colonel Monther Sharar in front of his house, for standing beside the Syrian Revolution Latakia: Violent and continuous shelling at Akko, Kibany, Kendeh and Taoma towns since the early morning and until the moment amid electricity and communications blackouts Raqqa: The regime's army raided the Tal Abyadh street and launched a detention campaign. Two have been reported arrested so far: Bassam Hammad and AbdulWahab Onezan Raqqa University: A students' demonstration set out in the Faculty of Civil Engineering where protesters condemned the regime's massacres. Raqqa University: A students' demonstration set out in the Faculty of Literatures to condemn the regime's massacre Daraa: Tafas: The corpses of a father and his son were found in the Eshri area that belongs to the town of Tafas showing signs of torture and bullets Banyas: The regime's army is attacking and beating a man and his wife and stealing their money as they enter the city from the direction of Harisoun Banyas: Extensive security deployment and checking of the passing cars as well as verification of the women's ID cards Homs: Qusair: Violent shelling at the city and its vicinity from tanks and mortar vehicles. Also, military aircraft is flying above Buwaidah and is shelling the town with rockets. Homs: Qusair: Injuries were reported as a result of the violent shelling at the Dabaa village. Homs: Abl: The city is under intense shelling using all kinds of weapons, tanks and artillery as well as bombing by warplanes. The children's day care center is under fire, too. Homs: Talbiseh: Gunfire and intense random shelling from the Bridge military checkpoint and the Mall military checkpoint on the main road at the entrance of the city were reported Hama: Ghor Al-Assi: 5 persons were summarily executed during raiding of Al-Nasr neighborhood. Among them: Habib Al-Naqeeb and Hassan Waleed Ismael and news arrived late due to the cut off all kinds of communications in the area Funeral Processions of Martyr Saad Miemar, 16 Years, in Maaret Al-Nouman, Idlib