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Syria - 2 Assad Tanks Burn in Streets as Free Syria Army Grows in Strength 6-30-12

4y ago


Syria - Assad Tanks Burn in Streets as Free Syria Army Grows in Strength 6-30-12 ء.flvالله أكبر_ تفجير دبابتين على يد أبطال كتيبة البرا Saturday Witnessed many Violations by the Criminal Regime, Where 174 Martyrs Fell Posted by abeer on July 1st, 2012 Local Coordination Committees in Syria Saturday witnessed many violations by the criminal regime, where 174 martyrs fell, including 97 martyrs in Damascus Suburbs including 85 martyrs only Zamalka. 16 martyrs were reported in Deir Ezzor, 16 in Daraa, 14 in Hama, 12 in Idlib, 9 in Aleppo, 7 in Homs,2 in Damascus and 1 in Lattakia. Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Another massacre. It is an obvious public violation and a challenge to the world and human rights organisations, which have so far failed to take a stand suitable for the great sacrifices of the Syrian people. Today, the city of Zamalka has witnessed a massacre which resulted in 85 martyrs, including a doctor who was trying to help the wounded. The Local Coordination Committees have documented 40 names so far, the residents are unable to identify the rest of the bodies. Also, over 300 people have been wounded, most of the in critical conditions. To this moment, the city is witnessing sporadic gunfire and a terrible humanitarian situation due to a severe lack in medical supplies. As a result, field hospitals are unable to contain everyone. It is important to note that tens of the residents are still missing. Damascus Suburbs: Mesraba: A number of shells landed in the city Daraa: Hara: Gunfire from the checkpoint situated in the Northern Square Damascus Suburbs: Intense mortar shelling at the city of Arbeen can be heard in all the Ghouta areas and most of the capital city neighborhoods. At least 8 explosions shook the city. Aleppo: Ezaz: Gunfire by machineguns from tanks from the security forces checkpoint, accompanied by explosions that shake the city Deir Ezzor: BouKamal: Fierce Clashes right now at the square, between Free Syrian Army and Regime's Army Homs: Qosair: Very heavy shelling by rocket launchers on the villages of Sima Arjon and Hamidiyah Daraa: Regime's army is shelling the city with warplanes Damascus: Barzeh: Gunfire along Mashfa Tishreen Road by security forces is reported Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Explosions can be heard and sounds of gunfire from the direction of Daraya Swaida: Sit-in in Sultan Basha Al-Attrash Square in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and to chant for the ouster of the regime Salamiyah: Large sit-in in front of Bir Hospital by the residents of the city to protect those wounded in the funeral of the martyr Jamal Al-Fakhouri. The regime's forces had opened fire at the funeral of Fakhouri and Ali Sadeq Al-Qatrib was martyred as a result and tens were wounded, some of them in critical condition. Sounds of gunfire can still be heard in the city Deir Ezzor: Sh'heil: Renewed heavy artillery shelling on the city by the regime's army Damascus Suburbs: Deir Asafir: Renewed and indiscriminate artillery shelling on the city Aleppo: Atareb: Regime's army is shelling the city. This is after the bombing of the municipal building and the building of the area's Directorate Aleppo: Mayer: Artillery shelling from the area of Ramosah by the regime's army Raqqa: Sabkha: Sounds of gunfire can be heard in the town Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Explosion close by Athariya Hall, the surrounding homes were damaged as a result Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Two strong explosions shake the city Daraa: Sheikh Meskin: Renewed shelling on homes in the town by the 82nd Brigade Aleppo: Atareb: Military reinforcements have reached the Eastern entrance of the city Idlib: A number of explosions on the outskirts of the city due to the explosion of landmines planted by the Free Syrian Army to target the regime's army and their machinery Idlib: Heish: Artillery shelling from Wadi Al-Shef on the town, residents are fleeing Damascus Suburbs: Bebela: Sounds of shelling and explosions can be heard ...