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reef fish

reef fish


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To book your Hawaii vacation packages to Oahu and a Wild Side Hawaii Specialty Tour or any other of the Hawaiian Islands, visit or call 877-918-8941. We went out with Wild Side Hawaii Specialty Tours ( to swim with dolphins and honu - sea turtles - and visit a coral reef. It was an amazing day! Definitely the best "snorkeling" excursion I've ever been on! As seen on the Travel Channel as one of Honolulu's Top 5 activities, Wild Side Hawaii took us out on their Morning Wildlife Cruise ( to see a coral reef, visit sea turtles and swim with dolphins, in the wild! We started with the sea turtles (honu) at a coral reef and although this alone was amazing with the sea turtles cleaning station, coral reef fish, rays, and more, the best was waiting for us in crystal clear blue water unlike anything I've seen before filled with wild spinner dolphins that swam and played with us! During our cruise, we passed Makua Valley where Hawaiians believe creation occurred. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever witnessed! I can see why the ancient Hawaiians had such respect and awe for the Makua Valley. More about Wild Side Hawaii Specialty Tours: Year-round Whale Watching, Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Turtle Reef Snorkeling; In Their World, on Their Terms. Half, Full and Multiple Day Snorkeling Charters - Warning - potentially life changing. Certainly life affirming. Our remote cruises are intimate, ecologically friendly, nature-minded, porpois-ful, and absolutely unique to the islands. Here's why... * Departing from Oahu, with a combination of incredible history, stunning wildlife, and a mesmerizing wealth of natural beauty that only Mother Nature at her finest can provide - our mission quite simply is, Conservation through Experience. * Holistic Primarily billed as whale watching, snorkeling and dolphin and sea turtles encounters, these trips are really about the entire ecosystem - from pelagic seabirds gliding above the deep sea to beaches teeming with coral reef fish - and the culture and traditions that formed around them.The health and safety of passengers, wildlife and the host community alike are priorities. * Experience makes a difference - Oahu's only marine biologist founded and led cruise. Adding a depth of knowledge and passion - our crew are experienced and educated professionals with thousands of hours of water time - trained under demanding standards, only the best are selected for narration skills and "making sense" of nature's drama * Our five-star "Best of the West" is 3.5+ hours on the water fully guided, interactive, and engaging. Dolphin, whale, and turtle encounters with snorkel opportunities Whether swimming with dolphins or encounters with other species found only in Hawaiian waters - our tours deliver.The Morning Wildlife Cruise is our most family friendly. * Full day or multiple day/island/species yacht charters are our pride and joy on the 50'.Nautilus. Molokai and Lanai are our favorite cruise getaways. We go the extra mile in all that we do. * Clear (60 to 100 foot plus visibility), warm (76 to 82 F) water, and snorkeling depths from 10 to 80 feet, make the adventure enjoyable for all swimming levels. Even weaker swimmers can enjoy our snorkeling activities. Your in-water biologist guides point out reef life, many found only in Hawaii. About Destinations In Hawaii Travel: When booking your trip to Oahu, your honeymoon or once in a lifetime trip to the Hawaiian Islands, book your Hawaii vacation packages with the best. Our agents specialize in Hawaii vacation packages. We are Master Specialists in all of the Hawaiian Islands, a recognition by the Hawaii Convention & Visitors Bureau. There are only 20 agents in the world with this honor. We truly are the best of the best! Here are some other reasons to book Hawaii vacation packages with us: * We have agents a...