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university of michigan

university of michigan

"Sweet Tooth" A New Play at NYC Fringe Fest 2012

4y ago


SWEET TOOTH is an original one-act play making its world premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival. It's creators, playwright Z.N. Lupetin and director Gina Rattan, have been collaborating since their college days at The University of Michigan. Gina was drawn to the lyrical yet raw immediacy of Zach's language as well as his vibrant characters. Gina found the particular exploration of love and meaning to be a under-explored take on the toll divorce has on children in their own relationships. Passionate, yet cold, cynical yet hopeful, Nora and Vail have a desire for connection but do not trust in the validity of those feelings. Their usual adolescent vulnerability is amplified through their cultivated belief that nothing, especially those things we set out to do with the best intentions, will work out right. DONATE + LEARN MORE AT: