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in the house

Susbsidies Sweepstakes - What would you do with $1.4 Billion?

4y ago


Organizers with PowerShift staged a "Subsidies Sweepstakes" on June 7, showing alternative uses of the $1.4 billion in handouts currently being distributed by the government to the fossil fuel industry. $1.4 billion could reduce university tuition by 57% or pay for 60% of a national childcare program. Last year, the five richest oil companies on the planet made nearly $140 billion in profits, the bottom line is that corporate polluters don't need these handouts, but people in Canada need education, health care, jobs and social programs. The action was the launch of campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies in Canada, and was followed by the presentation of a bill and motion to end fossil fuel subsidies to the All-Party Climate Change Caucus in the House of Commons. See the bill here Thanks to Darren Holmes for making this video a reality!