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noel fielding

noel fielding

Surrealissimo - The Trial of Salvador Dali [HQ] 2

4y ago


Surreal Docu-Comedy based on real events during the life of Salvador Dali. Surrealissimo examines the rise to fame, affair and internal arguments that were key moments in the Artists career. PART THREE: Starring: Julian Barratt ... Rosey * Ewen Bremner ... Salvador Dali * Katrin Cartlidge ... Gala Dali * Noel Fielding ... Bauer * Stephen Fry ... Andre Breton * Mark Gatiss ... Louis Aragon * Lorelei King ... Caresse* Matt Lucas ... Bunuel * Ben Miller ... Yoyotte * Vic Reeves ... Paul Eluard * I do not claim to own this film or have copyright over it in any way, I only hope that the Beeb will allow me to show this program, as It was (sadly) never released on DVD.