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john whitney

john whitney

Superformula Accelerator

4y ago


Date: February 28, 2010 Considered by many to be the "father of Computer Graphics", this piece is dedicated to John Whitney, one of the true pioneers of computer generated art. "My computer program is like a piano. I could continue to use it creatively all my life." "The compositions at best are intended to point a way toward future developments in the arts. Above all, I want to demonstrate that electronic music and electronic color-in-action combine to make an inseparable whole that is much greater than its parts." -John Whitney Sr. This video demonstrates the new possibilites of the software I developed for ParticleFlow BOX#3. It is making use of the superformula, and instead of generating the position of each particle, it is accelerating them. The animation towards the end is also making use of the newly programmed superformula vertex color shader. The possibilites are endless. | Music: jenkins - allegretto from palladio for string orchestra ilkae - bovine rearrangement - untitled (setzer remix)