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sex scene

sex scene

SUPER HUMAN (a ray ray one shot) part 2

4y ago


We got into the car and he drove off. When we got there I couldn't believe my eyes. It was beautiful ( Me- aww babe you didn't have to do all this just for me. We both sat at the table. He sighed and looked down. Me- babe are you okay? He didn't answer. Me- babe talk to me...what's wrong? Ray- okay so I guess I am a little sad that you're gonna go to college and leave me. Me- but ray you said you were okay with it Ray- I know because it's a great opportunity and I cant just stop you Me- you're gonna make me cry Ray- I'm sorry but I just love you so much and I wanna be with you...I don't want my baby to go He held onto my hands tight from across the table. Tears ran down my cheeks Me- okay I'm not going Ray- yes you are! Me- but I'm gonna miss you Ray- I'm gonna miss you too but this is a once in a life time opportunity and you have to take it Me-but- Ray- just promise me one thing Me- yeah? Ray- I'll stay on your mind 24/7 Me- ray you already stay on my mind Ray- you stay on my mind too so this isn't gonna be hard if we think about each other all the time Me- yeah you're right Ray- so cheer up buttercup...don't cry He whipped my tears. Me- I love you Ray- I love you more He kissed me passionately. Nothing can ever tear me and ray ray apart even if we're miles away from each other. ~THE END~ Sorry that there wasn't a sex scene but this story was too deep and I couldn't just put a random sex scene lol but I hope you likey :) #mimi oh yeah follow us on twitter!/missd1vas