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gruff rhys

gruff rhys

Super Furry Animals-This, That & The Other

1y ago


"Northern Lites" is the ninth single by Super Furry Animals and the first to be taken from the album Guerrilla. The single charted at #11 in the UK Singles Chart in 1999 making it the band's highest placed single release. In a 2008 interview with Uncut, Gruff Rhys stated that "Northern Lites" could have been a bigger hit than it was but "it didn't have a video. The guy who was supposed to do it got offered a Red Stripe commercial in Jamaica. We met him later and were like, 'We understand, we'd have done the same. According to singer Gruff Rhys "Northern Lites" is "about asking Jesus if he decides to seek his revenge on us, to get it over with as soon as possible and blow us away to the Northern Lights. I'd have called it 'Aurora Borealis', but Latin song titles are out of the question ... People ask me if it's about questioning one's faith, but really it's just a song about the weather, and you can't mess with the weather." The band allowed "the music to dictate itself" choosing to add steel drums on the spur of the moment, despite the fact keyboardist Cian Ciaran didn't know how to play them, after seeing the instruments "lying around" Real World Studios during recording.[