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Sunrise and Sunset around Summer Solstice

4y ago


For more information on this video, including the 1080p version and imagery to download, visit our video page: This video was taken by the crew of Expedition 31 on board the International Space Station. The sequence of shots was taken from June 6, 2012 from 04:42:11 to 05:41:16 GMT, on a pass from the Southern Ocean, south of Tasmania, to western Africa, over northern Mali. During this video, the ISS makes an almost complete orbit around the Earth while pointing the camera towards the Northern Hemisphere around the Summer Solstice. Throughout this pass, the sun begins to set througth the solar panels on the ISS and barely touches the edge of the Earth before it begins to rise again. During the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, latitudes above approximately 67 degrees receive 24 hours of daylight.